goldene Rolex-Kopien


The yellow K-yellow box is filled with floral motifs on the bottom of the watch, creating a floral tone of the dial and a beautiful feel to each part of the watch. goldene Rolex-Kopien Even small stones will not lie, but flattened with tools. goldene Rolex-Kopien
If you are an impatient person, watch time should be on your plate. month and year jump to 12 indicator position : 00 and 9:00. The energy form is the same as that of all moths, with no equal confidence. goldene Rolex-Kopien I tried wearing it on my hand, but found, it is not pretty, but very attractive. The design of the chronograph is similar to the hand pattern and the axis of the hour hand and two different hands.

In addition, the hand is a brand's design feature, and the hand logo is designed on the end of the seconds hand glove, which can be perfectly adorned with decorative accessories. The Finnish tribes he led took them to 33 parts of the world. Invite the beauty of handicrafts. The MMT-281 module runs on a conventional battery and can last up to two years.

it can be said that Antoine Lecoultre and his son Ali (1842-1917) have achieved their planned achievement. 18k 5n gold plated hands and back cover, swivel scales and unique 'tapered crown' add a sense of luxury.

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